Each user always has the possibility to customize the wallpaper used in Windows 10. You can choose the photo you want to use as the background in addition to being able to change it whenever you want without any problem. For users who are taking their first steps in the operating system, they may not know how to change the background.

Default, Windows 10, brings a defined wallpaper. Although the truth is that we can change it without too many problems, the steps we have to follow are simple, we will tell you below.

How to Change Your Desktop Background in Windows 10

  • First of all, you have to open Windows 10 settings. It can be done with a key combination, pressing Win + I.
  • Also, opening the start menu and clicking on the gear icon. This configuration is then opened on the computer screen. We have a series of sections on the screen, and we enter Personalization.
  • Within this section, we look at the column on the left. There we have several sections, one of which is the Fund. We have to press then on that section so that it will open.
  • The options that refer to the background will be shown in the center of the screen so that we can configure what we want.

Here you can choose the background you want to use in Windows 10. You can use a background that comes by default, choose a plain color as the background, or we can upload your photo. For this, there is a section called choosing an image.

There we can then search the computer for a folder and choose a photo that we will use as the background.

So it’s easy to find the photo that we want to use as wallpaper in Windows 10. This is a simple thing. Whenever you want to change the background, you will be able to do it. The steps to follow are the same that we have followed in this case.