Apple devices are really awesome if you ignore the prices for once. Personally, I am a big fan of iDevices especially when it comes to mobile devices i.e. iPhone and iPad.  But losing data of your iDevices a little difficult because it offers you two-way backup options i.e one on iCloud which can be accessed from any iOS device but with a space limitation and second on your computer where you can back up everything on your device. These two options of backup can restore your entire previous data without any loss. So let’s see how can you backup and restore your iPhone.

To take backup of iPhone or iPad you need use iTunes which is really a big task when it comes to transferring music or pictures. But thanks to Apple they have made iTunes easier to take backup of iOS devices with just a few clicks.

Backing Up Your iPhone Data

1.  Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Computer with cable and launch iTunes. It will show you the options to automatically backup your iPhone or iPad data on iCloud or your computer. Using this way you can backup iPhone to iCloud or

For manually backup of your iPhone, right click on your device under the Devices summary tab in iTunes. It will show you Back Up option, Click on Back Up.

2. You can select any one option for Backup according to your preference. If you want to have access to few important data on your iPhone then you can go with iCloud or if you want to backup everything on your iPhone then choose your computer.

Backup and Restore iPhone Apps

To take backup of your installed apps on your iPhone or iPad just right click on your devices tab and select Transfer Purchases option.  It will take the backup of all your installed apps on your computer for future use.

How to Restore From Backup

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

2. Right click on iDevice i.e iPhone or iPad under devices summary and select Restore from Backup.

3. Now you just need to select the latest backup which you want to restore on your new or recently restored iDevice.

To restore your iPhone or iPad you can use either restore from iCloud backup or restore from iTunes backup.

If you also want to know how to backup contacts on iPhone then no need to worry this backup and restore iPhone process also include your iPhone contacts.

  • Take a Note that restoring your device from a backup won’t restore apps but you can drag and drop your apps transferred to your iTunes while backup to your iPhone or iPad.