Even though Microsoft puts all its efforts into Outlook, its email service, today, one of the most used and key in the communications sector is Gmail, Google’s own free service, and which is in a way essential to access many of the services offered by the company.

For this same reason, and taking into account that many people use it, from Microsoft they decided to make the task a little easier for their users, so in the Windows 10 email application itself, in addition to their own accounts, then also you have the possibility to integrate a Gmail email if you wish, as we are going to show you step by step.

How to add your Gmail account to Windows 10’s Mail app

As we mentioned, adding your Google account to synchronize email in Windows 10 is very easy. Similarly, remember that this tutorial refers to the application called Mail and that it comes pre-installed with the system, so the steps to follow will not be the same if you use Microsoft Office Outlook.

Either way, to add your email account to the application, you just have to follow the next steps:

  1. In the app Mail, select gear appearing in the sidebar on the left, in order to access the application-specific settings.
  2. A new side menu will be displayed, in which you must select the option “Manage accounts,” which will bring up a new menu indicating all the email accounts that are synchronizing with Windows.
  3. Click on the “Add account” button At the bottom, then a new box will appear for you to choose which is your email provider. Here, being a Gmail account, you must select the option “Google.”
  4. When doing this, a small browser will appear, where you must enter your Gmail email account and its corresponding password to allow access to it on your computer.
  5. Finally, within the same browser, you will also have to allow the Windows application to access your Google account with all the permissions that are detailed, taking into account that if you do not allow it, the emails cannot be synchronized.

As soon as you have done this and go back to the application, you will see how the emails from your Gmail account have also started to synchronize automatically, and every time you receive a new one, a notification should appear on your desktop, more comfortable than the view online provided by Google.